Do consumers in your area know your network? Do your patients?

Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) hospitals have struggled with how to effectively communicate to their patients and potential patients the insurance plans that the hospital accepts. For patients and consumers finding out what plans their hospital accepts is often a time consuming process involving multiple phone calls and website checks.

Add to this patients and consumers who might have multiple doctors they use or are new to the area and looking for a doctor and what plans they might accept.

Currently, is setup to simply show a consumer if they might qualify for subsidies and then to check their zip code for available plans and prices. This leaves out the most important questions patients and consumers have - “Can I keep my doc? Does the hospital accept my plan?” unanswered. InsurNav solves these issues by showing consumers what plan(s) their doctor and hospital accept.

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Benefits to your Hospital, Patients, and Consumers

InsurNav easily plugs into your hospital's website and can be used by your staff, patients, local brokers, and any other consumer looking for health insurance information.

InsurNav is a software-as-a-service designed for easy use that can help educate and retain existing patients, as well as acquire new patients. Using InsurNav helps consumers know and understand their network. Our widget is interactive for users allowing them to see plans that fit their lives rather than a meaningless list sorted by price.

Instead of seeing 100 plans displayed only by price and insurance company name, we let patients screen for potential subsidies, select doctors they currently use or those who are accepting new patient, and then show patients plans that their doctor(s) and your hospital accepts.

This makes the selection process more simplistic and meaningful for your hospital and the patient. The likelihood of a patient selecting an out of network plan is minimized as is the time spent by both the consumer and hospital staff in researching and verifying a plans network.